About me, Katjusablog & Money Maker

My real name is Katja but people call me Katyusha. My humble online beginnings date back to 2005, when I wrote my first article.  Much time has passed,  when I’ve finally found sites where I earned some money.   I’ve spent a lot of time exploring and researching something I am giving you here on a silver platter. I’m not like most who erans with their blogs, advertising and with reviews.

I started with Squidoo, where I learned almost everything I know today. Later, Squidoo lost its favor in the search engines so I turned elsewhere. I’ve earned quite a bit in my online career, initially with Squidoo, then with Fiverr, but now I mostly hang on Bubblews.com.

In this blog you will find information that will facilitate the search path and lead you where you seriously want to go: to the pages,  where you can truly verified earn money.
In addition, I also run here  my weight-loss diary that will motivate you and where you will find tried and tested recipes to reduce your body weight.
Third, there is quite a lot of photos that are part of WordPress Weekley photo challenge.

If you would like to contact me or ask me any question, please feel free to use this contact form bellow.

Money Maker:

Weight-loss diary:


  1. USE OF IMAGES: completely free images for commercial use and their proper use
  2. ALT codes
  3. My new addiction (Bubblews)
  4. How To Write a Review



2 thoughts on “About me, Katjusablog & Money Maker

  1. I love it when people smile too and it’s so good to see the humour in life whilst still seeing the seriousness… thanks for the like 🙂

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