Mondays, I love Mondays

My working week starts on Tuesday, that is why I love Mondays so much. For me, monday is like sunday. Easy, full of good surprises, except the todays Mark s diarrhea 😦

This is Mark, 15 months few days ago

O, my poor baby. I wonder what he  has ate? While I was thinking about how we spent the day before I prepared him a tea out of  blueberry. We were at the lake and he just didnt t want to go out of water. Maybe the water wasnt  right? Who knows?

Mark likes our garden and its treasure

Oh, I remember the garden behind our house. He just  loves walking in the green grass and he loves berry, any kind of berry.

above all he likes to take to his mouth everything he sees. Just to see what it taste like! 🙂

A Teacher in kindergarten was worried, because my friend s son takes everything he sees at his mouth ( I wonder what she was doing at his age? ) I remembered he was playing with apples and I also remember something about flowers. 🙂  He smelled the flower and also taste it. It was too bad to swallow it. But I am still not shure if this is because of the flowers? I must say we had a busy monday 😦


I think it was ice cream, yes I am sure of it. ice-cream is not natural (just kidding) But it is not for such small children neither. Yea, I made a mistake. I will not do that again.

                                                                                                                                    Sorry Mark.




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