In my life I have never bought a new car !

I don”t say it never crossed my mind, but after a long thought I always came to same conclusion it doesn”t pay off. A  few days ago I sold my old car, which I bought last year. It was a pretty old car, but still nice and I got use to it. Registering and repairing it is too expensive so the best way was to sell it and buy a new (old) one.

But which one?

I like german cars volkswagen, japanese, korean daewoo, hyundai, mazda, Italian Fiat and french Citroen too. They  all are rather expensive. Maybe I could buy an electric automobile? Hell no, still too expensive. I remember the guy who was talking about oil crisis,                             YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO!!!

 but I think the world is still not ready to change and make other energetic resources cheaper and the oil is getting more and more expensive day by day!

 Then I asked myself if I really need a car? Do I need it so much it can not wait? Can I walk? Ride a bike??  I think I can!! At least for a while 🙂 😉


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