How to start writing a blog

How To Start Writing A Blog


You have opened an account, you have your own e-mail, you found your blogging network and now you want to write your first post. And you have a black out. Your head is empty, you have no ideas, you don`t know which topic to choose and what to write.


I have a solution for you. All what you need to do is calm down and no to panic. Sit down in a peaceful inviroment :

  1.  Try with brainstorming. Take an empty paper and pencil and write down everything that comes to your mind. Don`t start with something that you don`t like just because you think people would be interested in. Write down 50 -100 ideas. You will find them quickly, without too much thinking.
  2. Take a deep breath and try to remember what topic did you come out with before you even started with your blog.
  3. Try to remeber, what do people want. Which topic, question or solutions did you notice people need, when you were reading other blog posts or articles on the web. Sometimes when we are reading and searching something on the internet, we notice that there are some topics, questions and needs people have and there is not much answers to those questions
  4. Maybe you were searching for something particular on the web and you noticed there isn`t much written on that particular topic. You didn`t find the answer to your question. Try with something like answering it by yourself.
  5. Make sure you answer to where, why, who, how and what questions.
  6. If you have a topic in mind, go to Google keyword tool and write down that topic or words related to that topic. Google will give you a suggestions. I am sure you will find something with low competition and high global monthly search. This way you will find your niche. 

O.k. Now you have found your niche. You have to write a blog post. Hm, how to start?


  1. Make an outline of your blog post on a piece of paper.
  2. Write down a headline and subheads. Be sure to first write your headline and subheads. Why? You will get your answer here! Make your headline to provide the benefit to the reader and subheads to answer greatest questions that appear to you with specific topic.
  3. When you have finished with outlining, start to write. Make your writing flow. Majority of readers just scan trough the web. Make sure you will catch their attention and don`t make your writing too long. So, the reader will quickly get answers to their questions. There is no perfect post lenght. But you may consider wtiting from 300-500 word per post. 
  4. One of the methods is, that you start with your conclusion. With the point to all of the writing. Provide the benefits reader will get if he or she reads your post from the begining to the end.
  5. Insert pictures and images related to the topic and properly credit them. Link them to the site where you got them (if allowed!) or, if they are yours, let us know!
  6. Insert keywords in to your post. Main keyword should be used at least 3 to 5 times. Labels are just in your help.
  7. Insert some kind of call to action.
  8. Make sure you will consistently publish posts. At least one in a week.

Well, that is all. All you have to do is proofread and spend a lot of time on details. Leave your post to sit for a day and go back. Once again read the whole post and ask your friend, to give you his oppinion. Is it readable? Does he get all the answers to questions, he or she has? Did you miss something? Is it borring? Is it fun? Does it have your own personality? Answer this questions and correct he mistakes or rewrite some parts of the post.Then hit publish!

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With regards, see you soon!


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