How to write a Review

REVIEWS ARE one of the highly searched – term on the world wide web. Reviews come in all shapes and sizes and on virtualy any product or service you can imagine. Reviews can be highly powerful posts that have a great longevity. Every time I consider buying something new, I head to Google and search for a review on it first. I think I am not alone.
 If you want to write an effective and good review you need to know a lot about the chosen product, service or topic. In order to write with some authority and if you want to become a great critic, you need to aducate about the history of any topic you want to review. Don`t go too far with your thinking – you don`t have to be a film director or a writer or a musician, but it surely helps, if you allready are one. 

Learn from the greatest, or at least great critics, from your niche, topic or subject.

                                                  Google nexus 7 review


One thing all great critics have in common is useful, insightful writing with strong opinion. Don`t be afraid of being challenged. Don`t be afraid to take a strong stand opinion. Let it come from your well knowing about the topic or a product. Research, read about the history of your reviewing subject, watch films, search on the web, talk about it to people that are experts in this field. 


– Read other critics about the chosen topic
– Make strong opinions about the product, topic subject or service.
– Do NOT use words like: “in my opinion”, “I think”,… Everybody knows that review you are writing is your opinion. Try to include why is that your opinion and what were you looking for, when chosing specific product or service. What is the difference between reviewed product and service and others, similar products or services.
– Analyze with background. Include history of an author of your reviewed product. For example if you write an android phone review, include manufacturer, his previous androids or phones, compare Android phones from different manufacturers or different Android phones from the same manufacturer. Write about the advantages and disadvantages, about the progress or delay, and so on. 
– Know your audience Don`t be boring. Try to educate, let the reader see the inside, but don`t use too intellectual words. If you write for an intellectual magazine that might help, but if you write for a wider audience, this will only look boring and will not mean much.
-Leave open question at the end. Don`t spoil the ending. Especialy at films and books. Don` tell the end of the story.

Do you have any suggestions or want to add something? Leave it at the comments below, please.


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