[Bubblews] My secret addiction

Bubblews is new social site where you can easily earn money. And you CAN earn money with it. All you have to do is follow the rules! 
It is normal for people to investigate if Bubblews or similar social sites that promise fast earnings and easy money seem suspicious. Bubblews founders are hidden. Maybe they just want to protect their identity which is common his days and protect themselves against external attacks.

Bubblews. social site. easy money. make money fast

For those sceptical souls and for those who don`t know the Bubblews, here is a short explanation. As I have mentioned before Bubblews is a new social site, where you can join for free and start writing posts and earn money. You can make money with unique views, likes, comments and social sharing of other people. You have to follow certain rules that are:

  1. You can not post posts with less than 600 characters. This is not hard to write. Which other site will pay you for such short posts? 
  2. You can not plagiarise, copy and paste from other social sites and from the web. 
  3. You can not submit just pictures without any text or too short text.
  4. You can not exchange traffic, pay for traffic, have inorganic traffic or otherwise manipulate traffic through virtual networks, boots, proxies or IP addresses. You can not write in any other language except english 
  5. You can not post prohibited or unwelcome content such as pornography, racism, etc.
  6. You can not ask people to comment, like, share or view your posts or connect to you. 
  7. Only two accounts from the same household are allowed, each one with has to have his own pay pal address.
If you obey and play by the rules, Bubblews will pay you. I know many bubblers that have been paid many times and always. I know bubblers who complain that they have not been paid and that they have not violated the rules. I don`t know about not breaking the rules. Sometimes posts are well written but have questions asking readers for the feedback, posts with referral links, links in the comments sections and so on. I don`t say all of them were breaking the rules. It is just the possibility that they violated the rules without realizing it.
Bubblews rules, bubblews review

Bubblews is also investing a substantial amount in upgrading the infrastructure of the servers and new projects. They are investing in Bubblews launch 3 that will be released in summer time. Because of this and because hundreds of people daily are trying to scam Bubblews some payments are missing. Bubblewssupport2 released a post recently explaining what exactly is happening, why are some payment delays and what can we do to avoid frustration and get our redemptions. Bubblewssupport mentioned that missing payments are Payments that are not paid by advertizers. Our missing payments doesnt get anybody, especially not Bubblews team.

Bubblews payment system, bubblews review

We have no proof to say that Bubblews is a scam!
I have joined Bubblews comunity in March 2013. I read the rules, read a few posts and forgot about it. Then once again I was reading about Bubblews and how easy it is to make some money there.  I came back at the end of June, when I started to actively participate and really keep my eye on what was going on. As soon as I started writing, I came across a post that Bubblews is not paying that it is a scam and not worth of our time. The same bubblers then defended Bubblews saying that were not paid those who break the rules. Probably those who are impatient and who write posts every time something happens are marking Bubblews as a scam. Scam is not the right word and we don`t have any proof for that, because Bubblews is till a young site and it takes some time before we can definitely say this. But Bubblews can become your new addiction, as is mine now.
My life thought me to be patient. 
I am making money there and am making it fast. It went slow in the beginning, but after a time, when I gain new connections and since I actively participate on this site,everything is faster. I was paid many times and I am not the chosen one, as some like to refer to people who are getting paid. You can also be chosen one 🙂 If you follow their simple rules.
It is just annoying sometimes, because they still have and old paying system, that can take up to 7 days. They are promising instant payment system some time soon. Minimum redemption amount is now $50 (since 14. December 2013)
If you are interested in joining this site You can join trough my referral link here: http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=51cfddada0d827.17004853
referral link is a link you can join trough and I get rewarded for bringing a new member. My reward is $0,20 from the first post you submit. 
If you are a member of Bubblews or if you are not; if you have any experiences or not, you are welcome to leave meaningful comment any time!

7 thoughts on “[Bubblews] My secret addiction

  1. Can I merely say exactly what a relief to find someone who really knows just what theyre referring to on the internet. You definitely know how to deliver an issue to be able to light making it critical. More people should read this as well as understand this part of the tale. I cannot believe you are not more popular because you definitely possess the gift.

  2. Bubblews is a scam! They have selective payments. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven’t violated anything. I emailed several times but didn’t get a proper response from them. It’s not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

    1. I think you should wait for their answer. They are a bit slow, I know, but I would not like to see a bubbler with so many posts leaving Bubblews. Go trough each post you have and delete questionable ones. Then once again contact the support team and ask them to confirm, if they are happy with it. Save their answer for proof.

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