Make money with guest posts

Again dear friends I have managed to gather some awesome sites that pay you to write. One of them is an online magazine and is something similar like Hubpages and Squidoo and others are guest post pages. Many are offering somewhere from $50 to $100 for your unique and interesting article in high quality of course.
If you are a freelancer or if you love to write and you want to make some money besides, you need to check on them. If you want to write guest posts for those sites, please read carefully their guidelanes.

  1. is an online writing site or magazine, similar to Squidoo or Hubpages that shares its revenue with the writers.
  2. Hirewriters Here you can hire writers for good pruice and get high quality articles of any kind. It is free to join!
  3. Ghostbloggers You can hire writers, write articles and guest posts and sell them. Prices range from $50-$100.
  4. Guest posts wanted They pay you $100 for guest posts with high quality the next month after is accepted.
  5. Write your revolution They pay you for your high quality article. After approval your guest post is paid $50
  6. Be a freelance blogger Another guest post blogging site where you can submit your blog post and ask for a review. They will help you make an awesome content, share your posts and pay you $50 on your pay pal account.
  7. The renegade writer is another one of sites that pay you $50 for your blog posts, which has to be reviewed first.
  8. Read learn write They pay you $50 for your well writen guest post.
  9. Rocksolidfinance pays $50 for your well writen guest post or exchange with two contextual links.
  10. Onespoonatatime Guest posts wanted for $50

As you can see this 10 links are mostly for guest post which I consider a good option if you are a freelancer, if you love to write or if you want to earn some money for your high quality and unique posts.

 If you are interested in some other types of writing sites and blogs you can allwys check my other posts: 42 get paid writing sites

One thought on “Make money with guest posts

  1. ghostbloggers will steal your work and not pay!! been almost a YEAR NOW and they sold 6 of my works and no money from them,total scam.

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