Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

I did a lot of photos from unusual point of view in my past but some of them have just lost while changing computers and reorganizing my photos. But I have still managed to find some that attract my attention. I hope you will find them interesting as much as I do.

1. This photo was taken at the end of long winter of 2012-2013. It is a photo of the snow after it slowly and lately melted. My perspective was from the ground, where I wanted to capture the structure of the snow. I did not have the best camera, so I did not make extraordinary precision as I wanted. But I still find photo interesting and I like it.

extraordinary point of view , snow, winter, close shot, photo, photography
snow, winter 2012-2013

2. This photo was also taken somewhere at the end of a long winter and in the early spring of 2013. My point of view was from the ground, where I caught the spring snowdrops with proximity. I achieved what I wanted:  this is to focus on those near me and leave others in the background. Eventually even the smallest ones will grow into big snowdrops.

spring, snowdrops, postaday, weekly photo challenge
snowdrops from the ground

3. This photo was taken in the summer this year again from the ground. I find it simple and interesting.

postaday, summer photo, unussula point of view
toboggan from the ground – summer 2013

4. It will not always be photographed only from the ground, the last two pictures are taken  from a different perspective. The figure below is taken from the top down. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and the sun just enough for this beautiful shot

summer, sea, different, unussual, perspective, photo, image, postaday, weekly-photo-challenge

5. This photo is one of the most interesting I’ve done unwittingly, without any special effort when there was a chance.

unussual photo, windmill
from inside out, point of view, capture

6. I hope you are getting hungry, because I am 🙂

photo, different point of view, photo, weekly photo challenge, postaday
Calamari in restaurant – upside down

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