Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS

It has been a long time since I have participated in weekly photo challenge and a long time away on general. I am back with my new blog look and my new goals. I know you haven`t miss me, but I am back, prepared to blog every single day. Watch out.  (just kidding…)

…let me write something first, before I show you some of my “focus” posts…

My favorite is a plain old non-digital camera that still makes the best and the most beautiful pictures. I’m sorry that I don`t have it at hand, because my sister borrowed it. She lives in London, a long way from home because she is a photographer and she uses it a lot more than I do.

So I had to use what I have. Digital Camera with not much  pixels.

My photo(s) explanation:

1.  This photo is full of hard colors which is why I love it so much. It was taken in the Alps last summer and I wanted to catch in my focus all, from the forests in the back to my son in his father`s backpack.

2. This one has the same story as the first one, except the waterfall in the back.

3. This photo is taken in the spa. I have focused on water. I wanted to see water clearly with its reflection and clearity. I think I was very successful at catching it.

4. This swan visited us last february and it was standing a few feet from us. I gave him some food and he was posing for me.

Here are some FOCUS photos from me:


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