Weight-loss Diary

I know there are women outisde who read, search or even keep their own motivational blogs or a life style weight loss diaryweight loss diaries and I am inviting you all to join me on my new life’s journey, where I will

describe all there is to it that is important. I will share my researches, my diets, what and how much I eat, what and how much I drink, work out, my progress and setback.  I will not pretend but actually share all and I hope that women (or men) will join me over time.
You are all free to share from your own experience, or listen to mine, motivate me or find motivation here and advise me or take advice from me. Each of us is better at something.

This is my first and introductory blog post to my new life`s jurney and new blog Weight-loss diary!


1. My first working weight-loss recipe
2. Why I am writing weight-loss diary (and you should too!)?


Please, leave a feedback - let me know, you were here

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