Site like Bubblews (Bubblews related sites)

There have been a lot of questions about the sites, similar to Bubblews.

If you don`t know what Bubblews is, just in short: Bubblews is a blogging site, anyone can join, but just one (two, but be careful with following the rules!) from the same household, write short posts about anything you wish in this whole wide world, make connections with other users and MAKE MONEY on the way. It is harder at first, but you can quickly progress and become one of the best earners on the net. is not a scam, is a site that pays through PayPal, but you must reach at least $50 before you can redeem. (If you want to find out more about Bubblews, READ THIS POST!)

Bubblews payment system, bubblews review


There are sites like Bubblews, with some differences, but on general, writing sites, that don`t require novels, but simple short text, a lot of activity and interaction and pay for views mostly. Bubblews is really one of a kind, who pays for unique views, likes, comments and social share, what others don`t. Bubblews also has the highest ravenue and shares its earnings 50:50, which are easy to generate.

1.  Let us start with first similar site like Bubblews:   PERSONAPAPER

PERSONAPAPER wants original articles (like any other site) about any topic you want.

You must promote and share your articles among others because only this way you will get your desired views and earn money. On the bank site of Personapaper aren`t dollars, but coins. Coins are worth as much as you can see on their top left corner. You get coins for unique views and comments you leave, but are at least 30 characters long. You can start following people there and vice versa. The more followers you get, the more spread is your article after you publish it.

You can learn more by JOINING PERSONAPAPER HERE!  As anywhere else, read their rules and tos first!




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