Get paid writing sites: Squidoo migrated to Hubpages

It does not matter whether you are a professional writer, amateur blogger, or just looking for the right Squidoo Migrates to Hubpagesopportunity to earn some money online, you have come to the right place. At first, I gathered all the major writing sites and pages in one post. However, since the list has already become too long and requires too much time to load, I have decided to write an individual shorter posts with a list of up to no more than three such earning-writing sites.

Squidoo is one of them. But Squidoo decided for whatever reason to migrate to Hubpages.

Hubpages is, or will be in a short, one of the biggest writing and blogging platforms of that kind.

Hubpages is “an open community with passionate people: writers, explorers, knowladge seekers, conversation starters. Interacting and informing. Sharing words, pictures and videos. Asking questions. Finding answers. Hubbers find and build audinece, easily create articles and earn all sorts of rewards!”

Person who joind Hubpages is a Hubber and unique articles with pictures and videos are called Hubs. Hubpages share their ravenue 50:50 with their users and want to be the largest writing platform of that kind online.

Hubpages logo

You can join Hubpages community here and start earning. You can write about whatever you want, but the best is to write about something you are passionate about. This way, you will not encounter writers block and will create most awesome and unique articles with passion, people will want to read and will come for more.

You can earn there through affiliate links and referral programs and you can also join their earning program and connect with your E-bay, Amazon, AdSense and other Ad program of your choice.

In Hubpages, you write “hubs” articles about an original and useful topic. Once you`ve posted your article, ads related to what you wrote or posted are placed. These ads are generated from Google AdSense program, HubPages ad program and/or affiliate programs such as Amazon and Ebay products.

Before you start writing and posting,  read their TOS nad rules first!


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